Little Oilers and Declan

When our son started to display autistic symptoms I began to look for an alternative to medication, when I found Young Living oils.

I didn’t know it at that point but these oils, little bottles of pure plant goodness, would drastically improve both of our lives.

That first night when my PSK arrived, both Declan and I slept 12 hours! After a few a-ha experiences of wow these really work, I decided to grab the kids starter kit for Declan specifically. Below is how I use each to individually combat some of his symptoms.

TUMMYGIZE- for all the little tummy aches and woes.

SLEEPIZE- before the introduction of oils into our routine it was near impossible for Declan to calm before nap or bedtime. This oil has completely changed that for us, along with the sound machine for Declan = sleep magic!

OWIE- Little man rarely pays attention to where he’s walking, even when heading right for a wagon and takes a spill! I use owie on all of those nasty black n blue marks all over from learning to walk.

GENEYUS- This is a big one for us, and has greatly improved our experience with his therapy, especially with SI (play therapy). With GENEYUS in my tool belt it most definitely helps him to concentrate on tasks.

SNIFFLEASE- exactly what it says, eases any little sniffles.

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