Therapy with Little Man, it’s not all smiles.

Getting ready for SI therapy.

I’m not gonna lie, some days, it’s so draining!

If Declan isn’t feeling it, I try to make it fun, engage him, put him in between my legs etc. etc. etc. But, he will go limp, throw a fit, kick his feet, and sometimes I totally think- wtf is the point?! Or I’ll get emotional like why doesn’t my son find interest in playing with me. It’s rare he finds joy in playing with me, which as a mother, feels like a shot to the heart.💔

This- I want to pause- to feel this for a second. Most days my son literally HATES playing with me. It is soo incredibly hard not to just give up right then and there.

I know deep down, it’s not about ME, it’s about him. He isn’t happy when I try to play with him in the traditional sense, so I needed to find things that he likes to do and use that in an interactive manner.

Just like anything in life- some days are better then others.

I constantly remind myself that without the bad, there’s no good. So I try and take the good and the bad with the same result- positivity.

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