COVID-19 and our family

As many of you know, and some of you don’t, my husband Brian has been working in a nursing home during this pandemic.

So when he unexpectedly knocked on the front door yesterday at around 10am I just knew. He gets tested twice a week, and apparently last Wednesday he had a positive test. He had off this past weekend, so when he arrived back to work on Tuesday, they cut him off before he entered the building and told him to go home. Which is puzzling to me since he got it there, also puzzling is why no one tried to contact him sooner.

Bottom line is that he DID have a positive COVID-19 test and so he has to be quarantined.

Now every parent stresses before Christmas- did I get enough for the kids? Did I remember everything and everyone? Etc. but now we get to add to the list, will he even get paid for this forced time off?! Will I be able to hug him Christmas morning sitting with him as our kids open their gifts.

The unknown is and always has been soo difficult for me. I’m usually good at looking at the bright side, but it just seems difficult at this point. Until the unknown becomes known and I can deal with whatever that may be.

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