My experience with the business of Methadone.

First, I want to make it very clear that methadone quite literally saved my life and I am forever grateful. It helped me to get my life back, my family, relationships, everything basically.

However, during my experience at the methadone clinic, I have noticed some things I find interesting to say the least and in my opinion it keeps those in recovery “stuck” which often leads to eventual relapse.

1. The clinic ONLY accepts Welfare insurance. So let’s say you have a family to provide for or just want something better for yourself, and decide to get a job.

This was Brian when he was on the clinic, he was one of the rare unicorns to detox off the clinic, but I’ll get to that part later this post. Anyway, when he got his job (making less than $25,000 a year for him and the other 2 he provides for) he no longer qualified for welfare insurance.

Without welfare, your only other option is cash payment, which most can’t afford ($150+ a week). Once your bill gets to a certain amount, they can decide to detox you.

Ultimately, this is a privately owned business, you don’t pay, you don’t get service.

So for many in recovery, this is a hard decision or many work under the table for lack of other choices.

2. When you first come to the clinic they require IOP for everyone (no exceptions) which is newbies or people who are actively using. So let’s say you are straight out of long term rehab (6+ months) and then you are forced to sit in group with others who are actively using. If you are not yet strong enough, then these could be the exact relationships they warn you against. Yet the clinic is forcing this.

3. They don’t tell you about how long it takes to then get off the clinic. You very rarely hear that people are successful in this- rarely! It’s not something that is encouraged and in fact it can be harder than just staying where your at.

There are always multiple obstacles in a way to any goal worth achieving. I just wish I had known these things ahead of time. At the end of the day, it’s just like any other business, money is the main objective, not your recovery. That’s something you have to make do or die for yourself if you want to overcome these obstacles in your way.

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